"While my natural element is notable as fiery and warm, Courage and Depth are my strong ingredients to create a radical work"

Ghada is a WellBeing Coach, Rebel Nutritionist, Self-Leader and Self-Compassion Advocate

I am here to guide Driven Capable Women towards an authentic conscious life


Most of us were ruled directly or indirectly by around us. We had become so loyal to a set of beliefs, past stories, external rules, internal voices,and became prisoners to a certain identity. We have been loyal to a set of Rules _ to fit the mold, to stay within boundaries, to stay  sheltered and safe (literarily my case during war),  to feel certain Okay-ness : You are only okay if you get everything right - Be perfect - You are only okay if you hide your feelings from others- Be strong, and so on Don't be selfishPlease othersDon’t be Important, Don’t cry, Try hard, Hurry up.


Such beliefs taught us not to own our space, not to take our time to slow down and relax and forbid us to self-indulge. 


Such beliefs taught us to live by other’s rules and  settle for less. We have survived but we disconnected from what is really to live by our own rules, and to live fullest extraordinary rich life .We distanced ourselves from our own truth, our  magic . 


This used to be true to me. 


I was constantly living on an edge.  I tried  to go by the rules on one end, only to rebel against all and jump to the other end. The "all or nothing " mentality ruled me for so many years until I was able to break the mold.  

The mold that defines me as "just lebanese”  the mold of "looking certain way " as a woman, i.e. skinny body, lady like, superwoman, manlike too

the mold  to fit in "corporate workplace "or build a "linear career" as just a nutritionist , or the mold of belonging to  a " crowd"


For years, I tried to ride the roller-coaster and craved for enough-ness. It was never enough. It was not my life. I craved delicious food but my feminine was rebelling by either depriving or binging. I desperately wanted to belong to the "thin society" and believed if only my legs were smaller and if I can fit in size 0 or 2 jeans, then all my problems would disappear and happiness would be mine. I was ruled by the belief that there is always lack and everything that I am, everything that I am doing in the present won't save me. The breakthrough  for me was when I started to disintegrate my mind mold , introduce my feminine energy and reject everything I thought was right for me.  When I started to question everything and say No to all rules, I realized how important it is just to BE ME  and DO ME. 


Breaking the mold is not always pretty, it is tough in a society where its trying to profit from our insecurities and fears but It was for a rewarding purpose, of becoming and liking who we truly are.


I see you. You are Ready. 


You are ready to reclaim your life and live your truth

You are ready to live your life on your terms 

I invite you to make a mess, expand your horizons, leave your comfortable inner home, exercise your voice, take all the space, care not for the opinion of others, embrace your dark side and come meet me on the other side of being us.

You are worthy to be here .

You matter. 

Let’s end the struggle and walk towards  a full and conscious life.  Whether its about body image and weight, fulfillment and life purpose, relationships, career or simply anything that is about YOU  and what you need now.


My Manifesto

I believe true strength is heart filled with Love.

vulnerability is welcomed and I hold a safe space for you to hide nothing and hold nothing back.

I love celebrating people as they meet their beauty and reclaim their own unique and creative powers.

I like to work with people who are passionate and dare to change.

I like to work with people who inspires me and contribute to my ongoing growth.

I shake up your loyalty to the old VERSION of yourself, and tell the truth that you don’t hear from your close friends.

I bring my intuition detector to unravel your true nature.

I do not follow one set of rules, my rules are to serve and not to save or please you.

I Believe in freedom and challenging the status quo to never abandon oneself.

The power is in you

My Background

My quest began some years ago at a spiritual retreat Eomega which lead me to the studies, teachers, mentors and all different forms of body mind Training. I bring to my practice my diverse real-life experience and professional certification in Life Coaching by the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC),  and International Coaching Federation. I bring to my plate of Coaching Eating psychology Training,   and Playful Prosperity Leadership.  Prior to Coaching, I spent over 20 years as a NutritionistDietitian,  Management consultant and a business entrepreneur. I am also a mother of 2 beautiful soulful grownup kids(proud  Mama). Currently, I offer short and long-term coaching programs,  and group / corporate wellness workshops. I make it a priority to integrate my deep hungers into my lifestyle and nourish myself inside-out through mindfulness, learning and knowledge, deep soulful conversations /connections, reading, eating fresh and raw food, travel, fitness and strength workouts, yoga , hiking and spending time whenever possible in nature. Right now, I am feeding on Emotional Freedom Therapy and lots of Geneen Roth Teachings.