Ghada is a Transformational Mind Body Coach, Feel-Good Activist and a Nutritionist.

I help Freedom-Seekers to end their obsession with food and diet, so they begin to feast on their life and feel confident and healthy in their body.

Most of us were conditioned directly or indirectly by around us. We had become so loyal to a set of beliefs, past stories, voices we internalized,and became prisoners to a certain identity. We have been taught to stay sheltered and safe(literarily my case during war) We have been loyal to a set of Conditional Okay-ness : You are only okay if you get everything right - Be perfect - You are only okay if you hide your feelings from others- Be strong, and so on Don't be selfish,  Please others,  Don’t be Important, Don’t cry, Try hard, Hurry up.

Such beliefs taught us not to own our space,  not to take our time to slow down and relax and forbid us to self-indulge. We spent very little time in our bodies, and detached from our hearts.  We have survived but we disconnected from what is really to feel alive and to live fullest rich life .  We became consumed and used by what we are hunger for,  and distanced ourselves from what we are truly hungry for; our own true essence.

This used to be true to me.  For years, I rode the hunger  roller-coaster and craved for enough-ness. It was never enough. I craved delicious food but was either depriving or binging. I craved a skinny fit body while draining my energy at the gym for hours . I desperately wanted to be thin and believed if only my legs were smaller and if I can fit in size 0 or 2 jeans ,then all my problems would disappear and happiness would be mine. I was dieting all the time and when I reach my "happy weight"  my focus continued to search for another weight or another source of happiness. I longed for genuine friendships, craved meaningful profession, diluted fun, and ignored stillness -   I yearned for so long to let go of the should’s and dissolve in just good enough. My belief was that there is always lack and everything that I am , everything that I am doing in the present won't save me. 


 But what if I told you it doesn't have to be this way,

What if I told you can find your enough,

What if I told you your Eating Challenge is the Doorway to your entire life. 


My Manifesto

I believe true strength is heart filled with Love.

vulnerability is welcomed and I hold a safe space for you to hide nothing and hold nothing back.

I love celebrating people as they meet their beauty and reclaim their own unique and creative powers.

I like to work with people who are passionate and dare to change.

I like to work with people who inspires me and contribute to my ongoing growth.

I shake up your loyalty to the old VERSION of yourself, and tell the truth that you don’t hear from your close friends.

I bring my intuition detector to unravel your true nature.

I do not follow one set of rules, my rules are to serve and not to save or please you.

I Believe in freedom and challenging the status quo to never abandon oneself.

The power is in you. I only hold you accountable to own it.




"While my natural element is notable as fiery and warm, Courage and Depth are my strong ingredients to create a radical work"



My Background

My quest began some years ago at a spiritual retreat Eomega which lead me to the studies, teachers, mentors and all different forms of body mind Training. I bring to my practice my diverse real-life experience and professional certification in Life Coaching by the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC),  and International Coaching Federation. I bring to my plate of Coaching Eating psychology Training,   and Playful Prosperity Leadership.  Prior to Coaching, I spent over 20 years as a NutritionistDietitian,  Management consultant and a business entrepreneur. I am also a mother of 2 beautiful soulful grownup kids(proud  Mama). Currently, I offer short and long-term coaching programs,  and group / corporate wellness workshops. I make it a priority to integrate my deep hungers into my lifestyle and nourish myself inside-out through mindfulness, learning and knowledge, deep soulful conversations /connections, reading, eating fresh and raw food, travel, fitness and strength workouts, yoga , hiking and spending time whenever possible in nature. Right now, I am feeding on Emotional Freedom Therapy and lots of Geneen Roth Teachings. 



Ghada is a pool of deep Love and fearless insight"

/  Sandra C. , USA   /


I feel you know me since years. And you know exactly how to talk to me. Very weird and amazing. You understood fast. It’s impressive.
— Davina D. , Lebanon

Our encounter was as comfy as the sofa we sat on, as personal as best friends, as deep as I chose to go, as helpful as a miracle, and as valuable as a grid.

/  Denise S. , Abu Dhabi  /

The sincere messages that were given to many especially the last couple of days helped me despise my hectic life to pause and acknowledge the importance of befriending myself and practicing
— DEEMA-Kuwait

Her excellent listening skills, poised and calm nature, verbal communication, ease of approach coupled with her logical and methodological thinking was instrumental in providing me with clarity and stability.

/ Mirna a., bEIRUT /

Ghada always amazed me with her passion and commitment for being in service of others . Her experience as a Nutrition and Talented Coach, makes her a great coach for both the body and soul.
— Bassem Terkawi, Dubai

Authenticity starts in the heart’ and Ghada naturally brings both. With Fierce courage, she asks the right questions and challenges you when need be, so you could bring your best self and start leading your life from that place! Amazing and wonderful experience of self growth. Thank you Ghada. with gratitude.


She has the precious gift of listening with her heart fully and passionately. she helped me focus and get clarity on what was most important to me . Ghada is a beautiful soul, and I am pleased and honored to work with her on my journey of inner exploration.

This is the best thing I have done for myself, and best program ever come across . It is so worth the investment of time and money, I highly recommend Food and Body Freedom .

/ Melanie,Paris  /