Align + Flow

You are driven, smart and busy woman and you know what you should do to be your courageous authentic self. You want to feel authentic and real, and experience deep fulfillment but it’s not happening. If you are ready to walk away from the hustle and bustle a.k.a control, force, perfectionism, chronic quick fixes, trading authenticity for approval, then you are in the right place. I help you identify and align with your worth, achieve sustainable fulfilling results, lead courageously and begin to feel vibrant and confident.







  • No amount of pushing, grinding and hustling in the world is doing you any good, and isn’t creating the sustainable fulfilling results or improving the productivity you know you want.

  • You spend copious amount of time to prefect something even at the expense of your well-being

  • You try to please others regularly until you wear yourself thin

  • You fear to disappoint and upset others knowing that some people might just not like you

  • You jump from one relationship to another seeking recognition and love

  • You are defensive towards criticism and have fear of failure

  • You’re exhausted to the point of feeling utterly depleted. There is no amount of caffeine that can help. 

  • You only focus on achieving the end goal, paying no head to the journey

  • You’re yearning for a connection with your higher-self

  • Your value decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth

  • Work isn’t working for you right now. You feel stuck and unsupported.

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I went around in circles for decades trying to achieve and hit goals, looking for sources of worthiness ( I didn’t know that back then), from diet center to corporate gourmet baskets, management consultancy, to personalized stationary and gifts businesses, hustling from one business to the other

Of course I hit some goals and experienced some success but through it all I was charged with fear, frustration, aggressiveness, competition, not-enoughness and all around wasn’t happy.

I was doing everything that I knew was right but wasn’t getting the fulfillment I need.

Do you know why?

I wasn’t aligned with my goals and values

I wasn’t connected to my “why”

I wasn’t aligned with my birthright worthiness

My intention and vision were all driven by fear.

When I stopped running and started to walk the alignment path,

l started to recall my worth

know my value and What I have to offer in this world

I started to lead without hustle and bustle and need for approval

and began to stay on course and feel more fulfilled and genuine.

If you relate let me take you towards

You are worth finding

You have a voice worth hearing

You are worth Loving

You and all your one million layers


How does the Alignment Path look like?


When you believe in your potentials and own your values, gifts and strengths, and start to align with your purpose/dreams in this world , you stop fearing or feeling scarcity and start climbing mountains and leading an authentic life:

Strengthen your connection to self, the Universe and source and feel more connected

Build a more empowered, aligned and grounded state of self, mind, and being 

Level up and create more abundance and prosperity in your life

Develop more flow within your personal or professional life so that you can live in enough-ness and fulfillment NOW while creating your desires for the future

Upgrade your ability to create more and perfect less

Release what is limiting you so that you can step boldly into your most authentic truth

Learn more about law of attraction, manifestation and intuition and how to integrate these things into your life and business

Learn more about creating a conscious life and business with joy, bliss, and intention

Live your truth as the unlimited in potential being you are

Integrate new ways of thinking, acting and BEING so that you can THRIVE in your business and life



Let us walk together the Alignment Path

You will be guided through the process of igniting and aligning to your true essence and manifest your authentic, productive and joyful life

Are you ready for less mindful hustle and more mindful creation?