Online Group Coaching


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I’ll follow the latest fad diet, I’ll go on 3-week cleanse, I’ll increase my daily workout hours. I’ll make it happen. I’ll work really hard, I’ll deprive myself from eating this and this. I’ll make it happen. I’ll only fill my kitchen with clean food. I’ll change my lifestyle. This time I’ll make it happen .I’ll make it happen so that then I’ll look at the mirror and perhaps like what I see. What if you got it all wrong?  

What if you need to look at the mirror as you are and like what you see, and then what you see will change

what if you need to bring yourself into alignment so you can be an amazing attractor of your perfect body without having to exert all this doing 

How long can you continue controlling, fearing, restricting before you manifest the perfect body for you ?

There’s only so much will-power, deprivation, can solve when there’s a fear-based approach

that’s keeping you stuck in the Weight Game 

No more quick fixes, diet trends or detoxes

No more striving to make yourself smaller and more acceptable to others

No more stress or fast-paced race


Imagine if you could

  • End the vicious cycle of fasting/ feasting and shame

  • Get nourished inside out in a loving and relaxed way

  • Get Enlightened on how your body works

  • Learn to trust yourself and your body

  • Feel vibrantly connected to the bigger picture of your life, and have a lot more mental energy to pursue your full potential

  • Retrain your mind to eat more on purpose

  • Feel energized, cleansed, and affirmed


I want these things for you


Allow your perfect Body is your 1-week online group Coaching

To partner and align with your body and needs with ease and trust, and cultivate TLC mindset so you can walk into a much more rewarding nourishing and trusting relationship with your body and manifest the perfect body for you 

This high impact, high intensity 1-week group coaching is for you 

When you join “allow your perfect body” you’ll spend 5 days aligning, transforming befriending, finding ways to soften the resistance and paving the way to manifest your perfect body. You will meet a supportive, understanding community of people on the same journey-people capable of honoring your emotional and spiritual needs.


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  • 5 (1 hr) group session on zoom or Facebook streamyard  

  • Connecting with 5-6 soulful women 

  • Daily activities and exercises that are specifically designed to allow your perfect body  

  • Lessons ,Videos and tutorials 

  • Guided Meditations and Breathwork

  • Access to private Fb group where all questions and daily interaction with Ghada and like-minded 

and much more bonuses 

 + (1) 1:1 personal Complimentary session with Ghada

+ Eat on purpose 7-day course


Your investment for 1-week Online Group Coaching: $100


“Fear is not sustainable , love is sustainable. The energy of ease, pleasure, sweetness, joy, freedom ,creativity, nurturing and self care, self compassion, flexibility and movement is sustainable. I have so much hope for our work together as we move into a space of Love, a space of Body love