Are you in Control?


The phenomena of "in control” is applauded and considered the “norm” in our society. 

We want to feel in control, feel like we are enough, look perfect and portray ourselves as "having it all together..."

But the truth is, control is an illusion and it keeps you from expanding and feeling true joy in our lives. 

Control is a defense-mechanism that gives us the illusion of safety .

Are you afraid of losing control that you have stopped listening to yourself?

Have you stopped trusting yourself, especially when it comes to food and weight loss?

You control your food and weight by restricting, depriving and Dieting , but the truth is , you are out of control when you are controlled by food, when you obsess about everything you eat.

The whole idea of “in control “ is rooted in fear, and convey the message that you aren’t safe and you can’t trust your own decisions and your inner hunger cues . You think control will give you strength, discipline, safety and happiness but it does the opposite. It creates self-doubt, cuts off the stream of creativity and inner wisdom, and disconnect you from your true nature and source of joy. It’s a viscous circle and it doesn't yield any freedom or nurture self-trust. 


Until you are able to cultivate and build self-trust , to let go of the cycle of diets (yes it is scary right? ), you won’t be able to transform your relationship with food, and yourself. You build self-trust by accepting your appetite, by trusting your body signals, by making "mistakes" and learning from them. You build self-trust by feeding your hungers so you won’t binge at end of the day or at some point. When you learn to trust yourself, you cultivate a relationship of love, and learn to nourish yourself from a place of love and balance, instead of fear ( a place of control by restricting, depriving and dieting). What makes the difference is how you feel about what you’re eating , and not what you’re eating.

When you can let go of the emotional weight of being in control, you will begin to let go of the physical weight too.

When you let go of the dieter mindset, you will begin to intuitively nourish, feed , and balance your body and all your life areas.

ghada khalifeh