Excellence or Perfectionism ?

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If you find yourself saying "I know, I am a perfectionist " I strongly suggest you start changing that story ASAP.

I hate to burst your bubble , but there is no such thing. 

What does excellence look like to you?

How much more would you get  done, if it didn't need to be perfect?

How many things can you actually be perfect in, and if you are not perfect then what?

Whose definition of perfection are you using as a standard?

Understanding the difference between excellence or healthy striving and perfectionism is crucial here to lead a life of alignment. Excellence is not being the best, it is doing our own best. It is to be the best we can right now. Perfectionism is the ultimate  fear that holds us back  in the name of protection , when in fact, it's the one thing that is preventing us from flight. It is an armor we take on to minimize shame, blame and judgment.

What needs to happen to take off the perfectionism mask ?

What part of you needs to be embraced ? How is it to trust your intuitive self?


ghada khalifeh