How to turn an episode of emotional binging into powerful learning ?

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"The pain will never stop.”

"I am doomed to stay in this cycle"

“There isn’t ever enough love.”

“I am a failure “

“I have to be in control”

The  harsh voices following  an emotional eating episode can be very destructive and lead us back into  the vicious diet cycle of (deprivation,binging ) which results in begetting  more blame and shame. 

Many of us carry this heaviness and walk the earth feeling as though they have reach a bottomless hole but, 

What if the bottomless hole is an illusion that is created by an old story that no longer serving us ?

What if this particular episode is another change to redirect is to our inner wisdom?

What if this moment is our chance to learning, finding meaning and letting go?

What if our eating challenge is an opportunity to self reflect and look into places where we need to grow?

Our relationship with food mirrors our beliefs about ourselves, those can be old beliefs that protected us at some point in our lives, but no longer serve us now.

I invite you to reflect on the following guidelines  that I have gathered. It is a chance to get curious  and inquire, a chance to choose yourself again and again by bringing understanding and self compassion.


Before  Episode

  • What were the emerging disempowering thoughts?
  • Was I feeling Vulnerable, and what were the emotional triggers ?  too hungry ,stressed,overwhelmed,  tired and sluggish, bored
  • Did I have some projected expectations from a situation/person?
  • What was the need that I was unable to give myself? set boundaries at work/friends, say No, address my needs, pause and  rest?


During  Episode  

  • Was I mindful and present to the eating experience?
  • Did I taste and savor the food with each bite?
  • Was I rushing , standing or watching Tv?
  • Was there a point where I realized that  I wasn't eating with pleasure? What was I feeling ?


After  Episode  

  • What could I do differently ? Identify and respect my vulnerability , say No , Get enough sleep, change my environment  ,drink water ,make sure I eat when hungry and do not deprive myself and eat consistently  
  • What are my unmet needs?
  • What am I really hungry for?

ghada khalifeh