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"Okay so you’re saying it’s okay to eat butter, but I need to avoid grains for a while. But what about oatmeal? I thought it was good for my cholesterol levels?”

"Go Paleo ! Do a Juice Cleanse every month to get rid of your body toxins! Low Carb, High Fat?

“I heard that it’s not a good idea to eat protein  at night because I won’t digest it as well, but then I’ve also heard I’m supposed to eat protein at every meal. Which should I do?”

“I’ve been putting spinach into my morning smoothie for months, and now I hear it’s got oxalic acid and I shouldn’t be eating it. I thought spinach was good for you!?”

Have you ever felt confused about what to eat ?

What do you think are the causes of confusion? Marketing deception? Overwhelming diets? Lack of proper education?

Alas, It is not black or white, right or wrong.

So what's the deal?

How come the so-called nutrition experts contradict so much? And more importantly, what on earth should I be eating? Despite all the conflicting information out there, the reason for this confusion is simple: Lack of Context, and that Context is You.

The answer lies within

It is Bio-individuality .

Each one of us is beautifully unique.

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What I need is different from you because we have different metabolisms, live different lifestyles, and have different activity levels, blood type, ancestry, climate , strong and weak constitutional points, and stress levels. Let's look at an example. If you live in a hot climate, and don't have blood sugar fluctuation issues, and thrive on a lower-protein diet, then good amount of fresh fruit and raw cooling foods are appropriate. If you live in a cold climate, have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic , and you're cold all the time, then that same diet doesn't make sense and could be harmful to your health.

I have my clients come to me with handful knowledge and research about nutrition and health These people are conscious, health-minded and trying to do the right thing, but they end up  forgetting the most important perspective: the context of what’s going on in their body, what’s right for them. It’s not the food itself that’s “good” or “bad”, “healthy” or “unhealthy”.

It’s the context in which you’re eating it,  and that context is YOU.

So that leaves us with a question, what diet works for me ? what should I eat ? 

The word “diet” doesn’t work, and there is no one formula fits all for so many individual reasons mentioned above, in addition diets  teach you not to trust yourself, and takes away your power and build fear, shame and deprivation

I invite you here to look into the following Key points for lasting and sustainable success for what works for you:


What works for you? What have you tried in the past? Is there something you would like to try  but haven’t ?


Ask questions, get coaching support to help you understand your individual needs and balance.

Redefine Diet

Make your own formula and even give it a name ( mine Free-light), and bring attention to it every time you are faced with eating challenges.


Would it be interesting to start experimenting?


ghada khalifeh