Primary Hungers


What is Hunger ?

Hunger is very personal and intimate. Food isn’t always what you want. 

We humans are fed in so many different ways. Nourishment is more than just food for the body;  the heart , mind and soul must be fed as well.  Geneen Roth , beautifully says “ food is food, and love is love”. Think of all the things in your life that you are stuffing yourself with and never feel satiated. What if your life is full of things that taste good, but that aren’t nourishing you in any way ? What is it that lies so deep within you, and wants to be expressed?

What are you truly Hungry for?

I ask my clients this question a lot , it is my magic question these days

So yeah , what are your true hungers ?

Take a few moments , get back into your body, settle in yourself , and be present to what surfaces, and ask again.

What are your primary soulful food that is more than what is on your plate ?

The food you eat are secondary to all the other things that feed you . Some are fed not by the food only , but by the energy in your lives- energy that touch your  soul and fills you with  joy.

Some of the things I hear:

travel with husband,

get more 500 followers on Facebook, throw a party

lose weight, go to the gym

I say interesting, yay !!

There is no problem at all to have such desires, but I find them clues to dig deeper to what I call TRUE HUNGERS. These are secondary hungers and the doorway to the core hungers and often feeding them leave you unfulfilled and with big hangover because it is not what you actually want.

Take the example: “travel with husband “, if you desire to travel with your husband, your primary hunger maybe physical intimacy, connection, sex , and fun …

If you aim for “weight loss” , primary hunger maybe to feel good in your skin, to be active and vital, to make friendships ( the illusion of some people who believe that they can only be accepted or loved if they lose weight )

If you desire “500 followers on Facebook”, you might be longing for validation, recognition and sense of belonging …

It is not to say that you can not have any of the above desires, it is to say that you do not need these secondary hungers to fulfill your primary soulful hungers , that is the core , that is what matters .

I have come up with  list of some primary hungers (picture), to help you stop and take a moment within and ask yourself

What does this hunger feel like? 

What images describe this feeling? 

What emotions does your heart long for?

ghada khalifeh