The art of Loving and accepting your body

If you are still in the lookout for this “perfect “ diet to get you the body you’ve always dreamed of (that is if you ever accept what you think is perfect), chances are you are still stuck in the roller coaster of deprivation and self-loathing.

Diets are not sustainable. Diets are not the solution.

The reason for your attempt to over-eat and feed your emotions will still be there_ if you don’t attend to the source of the issue.

 “If diet’s won’t get you the body you love, what will?”

Overeating is an unwanted symptom that has an internal wisdom to awaken you to a world bigger than diet and ideal perfect body( this requires another post ).  Dieting to achieve a perfect body (that is if you can have a barometer for perfect) is a form of self punishment technique that urges you to hate yourself, so you will love yourself. If you torture yourself enough then, you will become a happy healthy and relaxed being. Seriously?

What if the body you  are gifted with, is the place where you reclaim and find your  wholeness ?

What if every challenge you have with your body and weight is an attempt to embrace and love your body more ?

It is important to remind yourself that no one is perfect.

You are the only "you" that you have.

And you can not love yourself if you start from a place of self hate, shame, guilt, and blame.

Until you love yourself, you will not be able to expand to be the best you can be .



What if the answer is to just drop the resistance, and accept your body right now ?  

If love would speak to your body,  what would it say ?

I challenge you to start right now in this moment,  and practice the art of acceptance and in the following love languages :

Respect your body 

It means accepting your here and now body.  When you respect your body, treat it with dignity and nurture your body with what it needs, then you’ll make room for loving every part of your body and what it does for you.

Internal language

Do you speak kindly to your body? What was the last generous and sweet thing you said to your body ? Our internal language shapes how we see and create our world. Be-aware of negative self talks and practice standing in front of the mirror and tell your body what you love about it, focus on a physical trait or something your body has done for you.

Trust your body

Do you leave a space in your life for your body to be heard and cared for? Start listening to your body’s inner wisdom , hunger cues and feed them.  Your body has the ability to tell you when it’s hungry, when it’s full and what it wants to eat.

Gift your body

Do you find yourself making some kind purchases with your body’s care in mind? What was the last gift you gave your body? How you treat your body, your body will treat you back.

Physical touch

 Do you lay your hands on your own flesh? Do you do so with Love? Do practice  treating your body with acts of caring and loving from others too. It is a fact that every human being has skin hunger and needs hugs for survival, maintenance and growth. When was the last time your body felt that it had been touched enough to the point of fullness? 

The curious paradox is when I accept myself just as I am , then I can change.
— Carl Rogers

When you love and respect your body, something magical happens.  

You no longer obsess over it and see weight release happen without all the worry. 

You will be surprised what your body is capable of when you show it Love!


ghada khalifeh