The power of Recieving


There is an over-valuing in our communities in the GIVING department , and we often hear the 'receiving' is in the 'giving ' and we have got to give what we want to come back ", but what if the universe send back what we want and simply we say  "no way", "why me " or "who am I to deserve this " and we don't ACCEPT .

See, I have been this person for a long time , who normalized the non-receiving part unconsciously, and was sending back away the universe gifts for me . 

This week I witnessed a new shift in  my unconscious and realized how I was blocking the universe's love to me and gained power in the Receiving.

The power of receiving , is as equal as the power of giving .

 It is this power to ACCEPT all forms of abundance i.e your body , your craziness , clumsiness , every aspect of you , smile from a child , a thank you, a friend's hand , a well done from a teacher , a gift from a friend , a kindness gesture from a stranger, an advice from a mentor,  an invitation from a friend

When we start to "receive and give "we bring ALIGNMENT to our desires and dreams .

We shift from lack to abundance .

Happy receiving , happy accepting , and happy giving ! 


ghada khalifeh