The truth that no one tells you about how to live an Extraordinary Life

We crave the extraordinary, yet don’t know how to get past the ordinary.

"Ghada you are so boring", "this can't be it", and "oh that's it", these are familiar voices that live in my head for the last two decades -these voices were and sometimes are very loud and harsh, especially- in my younger days. I had spent my life loyal to these voices and always looked for something outside me, something that happens to be bigger than just the ordinary things. I was always afraid to be ordinary, to even have what the others have. I wanted big success, big career, big love, big adventures and thrills. I secretly believed that I had a dull life and will end up settling and die as a dull boring person. I was constantly looking for - this exhilaration of being alive.

What I came to realize that running hard after an extraordinary life turns out to be chasing a lie.

What no one tells you about how to live an extraordinary life is that the realest extraordinary is always found in the- Ordinary.

Yes! The extra everyone's looking for is found in the -ordinary.

Into Thin Air, Jon Kraukauer writes that when he reached the top of Mt. Everest he realized (this is a paraphrase) it was just a square piece of earth with colored flags flapping in the wind. He stopped there for a few minutes and then, exhausted and depleted from climbing 57 hours, he immediately began the descent. After he returned home, he said that what he most appreciated was “being able to get up in the middle of the night, barefoot, and walk to the bathroom.”

On my path chasing the extraordinary, I crossed many ordinary and unordinary scenes and trails all derailed to this truth -

By "trying" to have, and then keep up the life I dreamed about, I was missing the life I already had.

This extra big thing I was looking for, you know, it's found in the ordinary.

The ordinary becomes the extraordinary, when the eyes see the extra magic right here.

The Extraordinary exists in this moment

writing a blog _ a sip of hot tea _  walking barefoot _ a bite of delicious swirl cinnamon bread (yummy), _feeling morning mist and sun rays through the trees-gazing at the full moon _ watching stars in the desert _ biking and feeling the wind on your skin. It is extraordinary moment when you meet eyes with a stranger, when you are soothed by the sound of rain while you are falling asleep.

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Do We Need More Things, Or Do We Need To Find More Meaning?

The extraordinary kept bewildering me, kept being one step ahead of me.

If I had worked hard enough, lived big enough, my life would be worth and I would finally be allowed to stop , to be.

I had this belief that if I stopped pushing, success would escape me and I will fall back. I even had this imaginary "witch self" that haunts me with a stick whenever I slacked or slowed down.

Despite the power of the harsh voices and thoughts that are still strong and compelling;  the need, love and awareness to surrender to the magic of this moment, to find the extra in the ordinary has become stronger. 

Here are some steps that has guided me to glorify and embrace the ordinary:

  • Pay attention. Become aware of the loveliness in your life right now.

  • Slow down

  • Be Astonished Notice the abundance, the little things in your world, and what you already have. Notice every moment of awe and gratitude

  • Be-aware of Language Our language shapes us.Trade in those worn out phrases with “Yeah, I’m wowed… Yeah, I'm grateful" — so that the eyes hear what they could look for right here.

  • Act like a tourist Be amazed, surprised and wowed .

  • Make a journal Write down all the things you already have ,love and appreciate.

  • Living as if. Beextraordinary, Love and Be the person you are.

What if instead of looking FOR extraordinary, you start looking AT it ?

What if your extraordinary is something that is already yours?

ghada khalifeh