What is your vibrational State?


If I am holding the vibrational state of -

I do not like myself,

I feel ugly and fat. I know that I could "eat as healthy" as I want and I would not loose a kg  or two or feel any better.

And that is because it is the heaviness and misalignment of my energy that is keeping me 'ugly and fat" and carrying a touch extra weight.

I have observed and experimented with this a-lot!

It’s been truly fascinating . As soon as I shift my relationship with myself first - I instantly feel better regardless of my weight or fitness or where I am . From there, I choose food that aligns with body's energy and even if that includes "junk foods" I easily loose the kilo or two I had put on.

Does this make sense?

The food you choose matches your vibrational energy.

What you look like is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.


ghada khalifeh