will you stay ?


Stay with your body.

Stay present.

Stay Here. 

I did not like here. Here was not a place to trust.

Here was not enough. Here was not a place that I thought I can handle with my eyes open;

I believed that my salvation is not here - it is outside my body - and the faster I run away, the higher are my chances to find myself. 

I abandoned my body, myself, and my true hungers .

The body is a powerful resource, and has a natural intelligence that can offer a new depth of learning about yourself.  You might be familiar with some expressions that are used to talk about the body language are " inner knowing", "small voice" "gut feeling ".

Have you heard people say? I trusted my gut and just went for it- I knew in my heart it was the right thing- my stomach knotted up with fear- my heart began racing- I had a feeling you’d be calling me; Yet we do not always pay attention to our bodies.

We completely disconnect from the information it’s offering us , and abandon and mistreat 

Do you ever use your body purely as a vehicle to move you around ?

attempt to whip your body into shape?

mistreat your body by being judgmental? forget to ask your body what it wants for nourishment ? turn a deaf ear to “ I need to have a rest now”.

Ken Wilber in "No boundary" , states that “few of us have lost our minds , but most of us have long ago lost our bodies “.

He suggests that we ride our body much like someone rides a horse.

There is no way of winning - Coming home is the only way- Here - Your Body- is your home.

What if you Stay in your body with your sadness?

with your shakiness, with this deep feeling in the pit of your stomach, with trembling legs - stay in with feeling heavy, stay in with your emotions. Staying in is our redemption, It is in this moment , where we transcend . 

Notice your breaths

 Notice your body sensations, are you are cold ?are you feeling hungry? Scan your body; Where are you holding tightness? Where are you feeling loose ? Where is it easy to breath? Where does it feel I don't want to feel that ?

Notice this moment

when "I don't want to stop last bite " because I can't deal with the emptiness, What is it that that I can’t handle? Is it this belief that feelings will never end and I will get destroyed in the grief? stay in- and ask am I willing to hangout in this emptiness ?

Staying in the body

(body embodiment ) is a painful truth we all want to escape it , numb it, become addicted to all kinds of external guilt pleasures just not to deal with it, use brain to manipulate it, but what if I told you it is our universal wisdom that is pointing us to the bright center of our life? Our Body knows how to process trauma and can heal if we just allow ourselves to stay in body - if we just trust ourselves.

What if you Stay here with

What’s on your plate _ pay attention to how the food tastes _ how it feels in your mouth _ what part of your body feels most satisfaction _ what's on your hand_ your book _ pay attention to your friend, take time with what you love _ trust that here is enough _ trust that your body wisdom holds what you really want

download (2).jpg

Here is where your freedom prevails, it is right here in this moment

you surrender to your hungers, to your enough, to your pain, to your struggles,

you transcend to a new world, to your own truth, to what you really want. 

Will you honor your body and stay ?

ghada khalifeh