Feeling triggered When Someone Else's Weight Change?


As humans we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, even subconsciously. Scrolling through social media, socializing at parties and overhearing a weight talk, catching up with a friend, or seeing a magazine cover at the grocery store can trigger self-doubt and fuel confusion. The truth is, you will continue to be challenged by diet-thin-culture  because it’s the world in which we live. So what to do ?

Here are 5 insights that will help create a resilience plan for acceptance of not only your own body, but for other bodies:


1-The Stop Skill

Stop what you are doing. Do not react. Pause. Take a step back. Take a break. Let go and breathe . Observe. What are others doing? What am I feeling?


2-Name it toTame it 

When you can name what you are thinking and feeling it can help take some of the power away from the thoughts and emotions that are contributing to this weight trigger. Saying something like “I’m having the urge to restrict because I saw someone who lost weight “ feels a lot different than “I need to skip lunch and dinner today.”

3-Curiosity over Judgement 

Getting curious is always more impactful and helpful than guilt-doubt tripping. Choose Curiosity over judgment . Why does it feel triggering that someone else’s body might become smaller or larger? What is it about this certain person? What are all the factors that play into your body image? How are you feeling emotionally? What else might be going on right now?

4-Is that 100% true?

Recognize what stories you might be carrying that aren’t yours or true at all. What is the truth that if someone else’s body is changing then yours will too? The fact is, someone else’s body can become smaller and that does not mean yours will become bigger. Is it true that your body could stay same forever? Is it true that your body is impermanent?  This can be helpful and comforting if you are currently struggling liking your body in a particular moment. Lastly, if someone else’s body is changing, does that mean your worth and beauty is changing?

5-Self Compassionate thoughts 

We are not our negative thoughts and we need to start engaging only in thoughts that empower us and make us feel good. It’s important to realize that you have the power to reframe and rewrite a whole new thought patterns. Give yourself some loving words and kindness. Write a few positive declarations and read them to yourself daily. 

“I choose to release whatever has not worked for me

“Thank you, body, for digesting my food or breathing air into my lungs

“I am committed to honoring and nurturing my body and soul .

“I am more than my body image today.”

“I value connection and trust with my body.”

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