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I believe passionately in our need for pleasure of all kinds, including the enjoyment we get from food

I want you to eat nourishing food not only because it's nutrient content but also because it is delicious

I want you to eat something you look forward to, not because you need to fulfill an emotional need but because you're hungry and the healthful meal you're getting ready to eat tastes amazing

When we make pleasure forbidden, we never truly receive it fully 

When we try to compensate real food pleasure by substitutes like low fat, low calorie, low taste mass -produced food, it leaves us always more hungry and less fulfilled

When we savor and reward ourselves with the pleasure of food, the body rewards us with a healthy satisfied appetite and we find ourselves less craving and less overeating. Reducing pleasure with food, limit pleasure in other parts of our lives.

Also, when we savor the pleasure of our own company during all seasons of the heart (in sadness and happiness ), we find ourselves less craving for food 

So really, what is it like to savor your food? savor your life?

What is it like to feel pleasure?

Pleasure loves slow,and breathing. Pleasure thrives in warm and cozy space

Pleasure hates speed and Rushing.

Pleasure hates fast food, fast service, fast results                     


Here are some tips  for making eating pleasure-infused experience:


1-Before you eat, take three deep breaths and notice how you feel. Acknowledge if you feel guilt, anger, frustration or any negative feeling . Write down a slip of all the negative emotions and toss all in a jar with a lid. Once you release your negative emotions, you won't bring to your plate and instead comes with a side of love and gratitude.

2-Eat Slowly and chew consciously. We have developed a habit of of past-paced and action-packed life, which often lead to swallowing our food and just -enough chewing. Taking time to eat more slowly gives you chance to be aware of how you feel, AND being conscious about chewing your food has a big impact on how much pleasure you experience from food.Because digestion begins in the mouth, when you chew your food thoroughly, your digestion also improves. 

3-Sit down at the table, to enjoy the experience.  Do not eat standing. This is so important. If you eat while standing at the counter, or running around the kitchen, you won’t process that you just ate your lunch. You also tend to feel rushed. So, while you may fill your belly,I can tell you that psychologically you won’t feel satisfied and you’ll be searching for something to eat the moment you have a break.

4-Add other kinds of pleasure o relax and sooth you. Relaxing music , lighting a candle, nice plates and pretty table setting _ all of these things add to the pleasure of your meal.

5-Put your fork down in between bites. Or put your sandwich down in between bites so you can focus on what’s in your mouth and not on the next bite you are about to take.

6-Be Present and Avoid all distraction.Our brains numb out, quickly going on autopilot and preventing us from being conscious about what we're eating, whether we're full and most important how delicious or food tastes. Mealtime is not the time to catch up on your texts, emails or the news. Give your food the attention it deserves.

Hit reply button and let me know which of the above needs your attention ; and what are you going to change this week.


Ghada B Khalifeh helps Freedom Seeking Entrepreneurs to end their obsession with food and diet so they can feast on their life and feel confident and healthy in their body.

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