NotGettingThe NextBigGet


After spending so many years of being seeker of the NEXT

After chasing “I don’t know where I should go, but I should hurry and get there"

After being disappointed that the NEXT GET was only a step to the next one and the one after that..

I have come to realize that the meaning of anything was IN BEING THERE WHILE I DID IT; without the need to get to the next place and the next, everything could become itself

I have come to realize that Freedom is an ever-deepening acclimation to the state where everything is as it is ..

I won't stop being a seeker, but I want to start noticing and savoring more the magic,

Doing something to get somewhere to be someone important is no longer feeding me

What feeds me is to truly invest my creativity and energy in making things happen

What feeds me is to truly involve myself and savor everything in making things happen without investing my self-worth or emotional well-being into achieving the next get


So Take the pledge with me and be a seeker of everyday magic

Savor the small magic of every 2018 moment

Stay without jumping to get the next big get

Stay with what's on your plate

Stay with what’s in your hand

Pay attention to your friend

Take time with what you love

Trust that there is enough .

Look for the magic, Be amazed. Be astonished.

Let the Magic begins .


 I'd love to hear about your 2018 magical moments. Keep me posted!






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