How to Break the Diet/Binge cycle

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Today I want to talk about Step 1 to break the Diet/Binge cycle, and I  want you to hear this , its not just a step it’s the foundation, the foundation to reset and recalibrate the brain , and get your biology in alignment

The average path for someone who is struggling with emotional and binge eating starts with controlling their food, whether it starts with restriction or diet or even over exercising

so as someone feels out of control with food, they attempt to control their food more and more

this is the beginning of the cycle, this is what the diet industry teaches us and yes it may sound as somehow a common sense but what if there is another school of thought that food and weight aren't about food and weight

Your mind, your physiology,  and innate survival mechanisms will always win out, and that’s why your “will power” doesn’t work in these moments. 

The truth is though, if you’re in a cycle that’s on repeat, what you’re doing to break the cycle may be exactly what’s  leading you to fail.

and here’s also the thing, 

yes perhaps  there are deep emotional things like deep void that need to be filled

yes perhaps there are some limiting beliefs, and doubts about your hidden self image, that can start and drive someone’s relationship with food ,

these are important steps but they are not the foundation and what you have to heal first to start the path of Freedom

here’s what most people miss

You Can't stop the cycle and win the losing weight game if you are physically restricting food, emotionally restricting food and mentally restricting food.

The foundation is you need to stop restriction and dieting

so even if you are eating enough calorics, but judging yourself  "this food is forbidden , "I am weak person if I eat this", "I should have more discipline". If you are in this cycle of emotional deprivation  i.e shame, guilt and beating yourself up , and always feeling guilt and bad , you are setting yourself for failure 

why? because this physical and emotional deprivation will trigger the survival mode in the brain , and when it switches to survival mode , it send signals to your body and changes your body physiology to drive you to eat more , it activates sympathetic nervous system which puts the body under stress , increases cortisol, shut down digestion system, store the fat, and blocks the leptin hormone which is responsible to signal satisfied,  it drives you to think of food all the time and eventually makes you eat more . It sets you off on auto-pilot mode , which makes you binge like you are on auto-pilot. Our brain is design to protect us when it perceive a threat just as physical deprivation,  negative thoughts and emotions. It is what runs the show. 

So despite that there are other steps and  tools to help someone win the losing weight game,  such as coping with emotional mechanism, psychology and limiting beliefs, EFT, meditation, hypnosis , these tools are part of the process but they are not the foundation

What if in stopping the chase to freedom, stopping the restriction on all levels we find freedom?

so here is one action TIP to eliminate restriction in all forms for the other steps to work:


Focus on nourishing and honoring your body,  meaning eat fulfilling meals , and not light baby meals.  Do not skip meals or think of several small meals (unless in some cases where blood sugar levels need to be regulated). Nourish yourself with mealtime experience  and getting  present with your meals and pausing.

Nourish and honor is sustainable

Respect and honor is sustainable

Restriction, hate, negative emotions, judgment, criticism, shame  are not sustainable

and if you have been on this cycle forever , aka might have seen this not working

what makes people going down that spiral of eating the forbidden food over and over is the thought of starting tomorrow.  what makes people going down the spiral of eating the forbidden food is thought that its forbidden. 

What if you are allowed to eat all every day including the forbidden, would you still go for all or nothing approach? would you still diet ? would you still deprive yourself? will you still struggle with food?

Balanced approach is sustainable. It originates from loving place, its kindness, its Freedom.

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