Reasons why your brain maybe holding you back (from achieving your goals )

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Do you have a hard time believing that you can lose the weight? 

Do you know exactly what to do, what diet changes to implement, what lifestyle changes 

but you found yourself failing to be committed?

you find yourself repeating old habits and sabotaging yourself 

you blame yourself of having no self-power or no self control

So what if there is unconscious story that is weighing you down? 

What if there are some disempowering beliefs that are running the show from behind the scenes and sabotaging your success ?

A lot of the reasons this happens is because of below surface forces  in the primal brain , there are still some unconscious reasons.

Usually its concepts or beliefs we pick from our childhood and society. It doesn't speak of how bad our parents were , or if you had a good or bad childhood, its how we get wired , or how our nervous system (DNA) internalized concepts, messages …we build our own belief system to survive growing up 



Your limiting disempowering beliefs are hiding out in the areas where you’re producing results that you don’t want.


Your limiting  disempowering beliefs have shaped everything you do. They have prevented you from committing fully and and maybe even discouraged you from trying at all


Your limiting disempowering beliefs  forbid you from wanting tour goals enough, whether weight goals or any goals


One of the beliefs I had internalized is :

# In order to be accepted and loved, I have to be beautiful and thin, to show up in life I need to be beautiful 

# In order to be loved and accepted, I have to be anything but not me, everything that I am is not enough

#  If I become  beautiful then I will be seen as not smart enough”, this  conflicting belief  was sabotaging my weight journey and  my career

 So you see how wanting to be beautiful was orchestrated by "not wanting enough" because then I will be perceived as stupid.   I was neither showing up in my life or achieving my weight. I was so controlling and living nowhere between restriction and bingeing


Other major Beliefs that are common  and my clients experience are:


# Fear of abandonment /Fear of rejection use weight to build a wall so no one can cross , no intimacy can penetrate , because this would expose us to relationships and  fear of being abandoned and alone,  fear of rejection is that when we get close, people will judge us , they wont like real us

# Fear of failure  using weight as an excuse not to show up in life,  because you will no longer have an excuse not to. The fear of being seen, being  visible so weight becomes a tool to protect us  from not  experiencing failure in your life. 




I work with my clients to highlight those beliefs and create more empowering ones. Here  is  tip that I can share with you to release old beliefs:


1- Spot: Play detective and follow your thoughts and emotions to discover the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

2- Acknowledge that these are beliefs, not truths! This is often the hardest step. Evelyn Waugh wrote, “When we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them.”  so just  expose the truth acknowledge but try not to defend them. When you entertain the limitations, you jump into the rabbit hole. 

3- Release  after recognizing and acknowledging , release what doesn't serve you. Release the pattern and hold on to the truth that serve and empower you.

4- Embody Try on a different belief. Use your imagination and try on a belief that is aligned with what you want.  A belief that makes you shine, confident  and intelligent . I help my clients really physically imagine and embody this new truth. Visualization is power.

5- Act , set goals and action plan to put on at least 5% of the new truth. 

last thing

6-Repeat and Repeat by creating new beliefs  and not trying to fix the old beliefs .Brain love consistency and repetitions.  Go collect new truth and make new beliefs. 

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