Body Positivity vs Body Possibility


Body positivity  or positivity is cool

and I have respect for anyone who encourage light  and celebration of the complex human we are .

However in all things, we tend to swing the pendulum to the opposite side of the spectrum.

And, as in all things, there is usually a shade of grey…of swinging positivity into an extreme…and the notion of wanting  different things becomes a negative thing

or manipulating positivity with unspoken expectation  to change our body.

What have evolved for me is the mindset of possibility vs mind of positivity

When I am open to possibilities my world becomes bigger,

I get to anchor myself and accept where I am right now whole moving toward a new reality

I get to be more real and true to myself  and most importantly I keep on creating and expanding better versions of myself without attachment

I get to stay open to the Best of worlds

Self acceptance, weight loss, body love, and many more .

it does not have to be all or nothing. Do you resonate?

ghada khalifehComment