Come Home to Yourself

image credit    Gilly Stewart

image credit Gilly Stewart

When life feels scary

When the world feels like it’s going crazy around you,

When you’re feeling stressed, scared

When it feels like all your coping tools bag is pretty bare

Come back to yourself 

Just keep coming home to yourself. You are the one you have been waiting for~Byron Katie

The more centered, and compassionate you can be with yourself, and cultivate an inner environment of safety and motherly unconditional love, the more you heal the frozen energy in old traumas, the more you can be present and energetic  in your life and focus on what’s important. Using kindness as our compass we are more likely to strat to make choices that support us.

The way I come home to myself is

Back to basics 

Instead of Judging myself or think something is radically wrong with me,

I claim it as a reminder

A reset button to come back to basics self care :


Put down your phone, turn off the TV, power-down your computer, and prioritize your sleep (8-10 hours is the amount you’re shooting for). I rub my feat with ayurvedic massage oil , or take Tulsi tea or tablets ,and a hot bath with Epsom salts.


If you aren’t hydrated fully, you are adding more stress to your system. More stress to an already stressed system is NOT what you need. I sip warm water with lime 5 times a day 

3. MAKE ROOM FOR FEELINGS Stop and feel your feelings. Listen attentively to your emotions, they have wise messages for you about what you need. I breathe and journal to help me process my feelings “How are you love? How was your day?” what fed you today? what haven’t fed you and what do you need tomorrow ?

4. EAT REAL MEALS Whole foods, organic if possible, that are not processed or mixed with additives or sugar. Sitting while you eat. Slowing down to enjoy your food.


Self-compassion is key during challenging times. It can feel easy and familiar to turn against yourself with self-criticism and expectations. My favorite Mantra “I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive you, Thank you”

6. SOLITUDE If you don’t know how to be alone, You do not know who you are . Though support and community is great, but there are certain times where silence and stillness is the best place to lose yourself in yourself . This is where the whole world resides and you get to connect to the wisdom that moves you to an ever-expanding horizons.

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