Fixing isn't my Motivation

Image credit    Christina Sicoli

Image credit Christina Sicoli

Have you noticed that most societal and cultural motivation stems from a place of fear that seeks to fix, pressure, shame, bully for change?

We want to be better, prettier, wealthier, and more successful and confident versions of ourselves and that’s perfectly okay but do you think this approach works for you to achieve sustainable results?

What I know now, that I didn't know then, was that my entire life was driven by Fear. Putting myself down was my only motivation to make any sort of changes. 

Fear kept me from making choices that could have very well been so right for me

Fear pushed me to make choices that are not aligned with me or honor my values

Fear was my driving force and most results were not sustainable  because they didn't feel good or were right for me

Is there another way or change in perception?

I learned on the path of healing that you can change the way you look at yourself.

When you  tap into self acceptance , self respect and increase your vibrations then any and all desires you have for yourself come from a place of choice, place of love, free of fixing, free of anxiety, judgment and self-criticism.

And only from this place of love and higher vibrations,  the way you feel about yourself start to change, and you start to learn and believe you really are worthy of love, pleasure, and your choices start to reflect that with alignment and harmony

What most of my clients find is that they end up loving their life so much more when they genuinely begin to elevate to a place where they embrace, accept  who they are today and step into the women they’ve always been.

Motivation by Self-loathing and fixing mindset  will only drain you and leave you feeling emptier .

So instead of trying to fix everything outside you ;

every aspect of your life

your weight

your relationships ,

your job to feel better

Resolve to Love and start accepting and embracing what is good now while still have a ” want list”.

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