From Rebellion to True Food Freedom 

Pic credit    Obi Onyeador

Pic credit Obi Onyeador

I want to talk about the confusion that hold people back from pursuing Food Freedom and what it actually means to have a true food freedom

In working with my private clients, or  when having conversation with people, I see a lot of women getting confused about what food freedom really is. They get confused and terrified  when I mention  freedom

The truth is that We all want  FREEDOM! AND YES FOOD FREEDOM 

Don’t you really want to be able to eat and…

NOT feel bad , NOT feel guilty about what you just ate

NOT worry about gaining weight, not wonder what is the right way to eat 

I am all for that but I hear a lot of confusion. This confusion is  what have hold people back from pursuing true freedom . 

Their version of Freedom or confusion about food freedom looks like this :

“I’m going to eat whatever I want , I am going to eat  whenever I want”, “I’m going to eat it even if I know my body doesn’t feel good with this food”

“I want to eat what everyone else is eating, I’m not going to be left out!”

“The hell with it , life is too short “

This sounds like a rebellious teenager or two year old kid. She wants what she wants – when she wants it – and she won’t let anyone else tell her what to do. Is that the kind of freedom you are longing for ? This rebellious freedom is a reaction post chronic diets and restrictions. It is a quick fix for pleasure but a pleasure that is not good for us 

Now the kind of freedom I advocate for is True freedom.

The freedom that have no power on us, when food become powerless and only a source of fuel 

True Food Freedom sounds like this:

I’m going to choose the food that I love and that loves me back”

“I’m going to choose food that makes me feel genuinely good”

“I’m going to slow down and eat with pleasure and not for pleasure

“I’m free to say no to any food that  leaves me tired and bloated

“I am going to say no to food that gives me a quick fix and leave me feeling bad about myself “

True Food Freedom often sounds like a wise and caring woman, who has your best interests at heart

True freedom is path to pleasure, joy and respect, listening to our body, and responding to need. It is about body love and body peace 

True Body Freedom doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a path, a process, a personal growth journey.

Are you willing to walk the path to True freedom?

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