How Fearing to Eat is making you Eat More 


Your fear to eat because you are afraid to gain weight sounds logical ?

I get it 

but have you noticed that when this fear stems out from an urgent instinct “I need quick fix” I have party to attend, a reunion with old friend,a wedding, ” or  need to control to feel safe , feeling lack or not comfortable in your own skin ,this would often lead eventually to rebel and eat more? 

If you’ve been  feeding this fear mindset for a while now and find yourself rebelling from fasting to feasting

you are not alone

I was this person

I was this person for most of my life till mid 40’s (and I still get my MOMENTS here and there)

I was stuck in the fear mindset cycle of quick fixes, deprivation, control and fast pace life, i.e new diet approaches , spending hours at the gym, hard core injury-prone bootcamps, personal trainers

It was great for a short term period  until it starts to be draining and most importantly unsustainable and filled with anxiety, obsession,  doubt and insecurity

up until my inner feminine rebel got sick of me ….my body spoke.

I had to hear her out for good.  

It was an invitation to take a step back and find a way to live and eat in a more sustainable way;

to be receptive, open, listener, nurturer, relaxed, creative, and nourished 

This is where I started to learn to eat for nourishment, eat on purpose,  eat to elevate myself

not fearing to gain weight

This is where I learned to nurture self care / self trust mindset

trust that I would be able to choose food that nourishes me

feel the abundance of food  and  trust that I can have it when I  want it

eat to feel fabulous ,light, lively, focused and sharp,  good in my body , to move my body freely ,

eat for nourishment and not use food as a token of love

and commit to have a healthier happier version of yourself 

Can you see the impact of nurturing a self care mindset  ?

What is the mindset that serves you on a long term?

Here’s one practical way that can help you start to cultivate the self care/trust mindset:

Pause and reflect on a list of  relaxation things that can generate calm, inner peace and soothes your inner world. Now What would be ONE thing of this list you want to add consistently to your daily routine? What would bring you ease and relaxation ? Notice how this would calm your nervous system to make choices that serve you on the long-run.

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