The Quality Elevator Strategy


What do you do when  you struggle a lot with what you should eat or what you shouldn't eat when choosing food, and you want to shift from the diet mindset into nourishment

 What to do when everything you've tried hasn't worked ?

I want to show you a strategy that works for me and for my clients, a doable way simple and sustainable. 

We know that food have this power on us to feel either  fabulous or crappy and fabulous means really feel good in our body, having strong digestion, stable mood, mental clarity and steady energy 

So  let me introduce you to this strategy:  I call the quality elevator 

Imagine a  quality elevator , on the bottom floors you have the lower quality foods, on the higher floors you have the highest  quality of food and where you choose to stop and eat have a huge impact on your energy, digestion, weight, your skin, your mood ,your focus , your overall wellbeing.

For example: take oats and I love oats there is a range of different qualities …on the highest floor there are the wholegrain groat oats, next going  down there is steel cut oats slightly cut, further down there is old-fashioned rolled oats, then you’ve got the instant oats that is packed with sugar and artificial flavoring  and finally at the bottom floor you have super refined oats cereal like cheerios  with all the grains has been stripped out of its nutrients. see? it’s all the same food, but different levels of quality  

So having this elevator quality strategy is an easy tool to help you stop and  ask yourself  how can I elevate higher ?

Is there more high quality version of this? This strategy can be applied to any other type of food.

This strategy can be applied to any other type of food.This strategy is not about giving up the food you love , it’s about enjoying the higher quality version of them , without feeling deprived or restricting. The high quality are about fresh, organic, locally grown, homemade, have ingredients that you can pronounce and because it’s also higher texture,  you’re more satisfied with less;  higher quality means their nutrients easily absorbed and digested .

So I invite you to experiment with this elevator and ask yourself  every time you want to reach for food, how can I elevate higher?

Is there more whole food version of this ? How do I want to feel ?Whether you take big steps higher or baby steps its all good, each floor will bring you closer to feeling lighter, elevated and great in your body .

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