This Year, let's be more Human


I am happy to welcome you to my 2019 Blog

The truth is though I have a voice in my head that whispers in regularly with statements like ” You need to be exclusively focused on women’s challenges with food and body” and People already know you as a leading voice for food and body , don’t confuse them.”

But here’s the thing, I am more than that and my curiosity , experience and skills extend far beyond that brand-able focus.

The thing is I want for you more than weight loss and body freedom.

Most of my clients come to me to help heal their relationship with food, but we end up unveiling their story and open door to a bigger world: their gifts and strengths, emotional wellness, meaningful purpose and healthier relationships .

What I am most interested in is elevating our beings to Love and Higher consciousness , so we can live life intuitively with ease, courage, trust, Joy and impact the lives of others , like a multilevel approach-just by being you. 

I am interested in making peace with who we are, right now, in this moment as a human ,

as Anne Lamott describes it “there is no code to break …

Less trying to be someone else.

Less polished.

Less living in the past

More unfiltered.

More standing in your own shoes 

More easy belonging and kinship.

More space for contradictions and mess.

More resilience

More dreaming

More Creativity

More Movement and Productivity

More laughter

More trust 

Witnessing the human-mess and the human-ness, speaking of being human together,  that’s the best way to sum up how I coach.

Yes, I have trainings, degrees, certifications, and loads of experience, but really, my clients will tell you, that I have their back always. I’m their person who meets them where they are. I’m just the person that want to support, guide, and mainly LOVE them on their journey-

If you’re on your own journey with food, body and weight challenges and would like some mentorship/Coaching for navigating it in everyday life and making peace with your body, I’m always here for that. I have 3-6 months program radical nourishment  that address all that. 

If you are looking for something more profound and transformational and want to cultivate love-based living on all levels , and elevate yourself and others to higher consciousness , I am always here for you too.  I run Life Coaching sessions 3-6 months and Online Course coming up soon. 

With joy


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