How my feminine rebelled and changed my approach to food and body

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For most of my 30’s, I tried to suppress the Feminine from my life but she was constantly breaking through and asking for my attention.

She rebelled after each diet, control, deprivation, fast pace life, hard core workouts, perfection episode, making work decisions from a place of fear.

The symptoms experienced eventually were phases of emotional or over-eating.. compulsive binges on all levels.

I gave more power to my Masculine energy and my approach was characterized by counting calories, nutrition data, facts and figures, focused and pushing, linear thinking, control, perfectionism, and dominance with a strict diet. It’s very left-brain, as opposed to intuition, creativity, and pleasure. 

Feminine rebellion was an invitation to take a step back and find a way to live and eat in a more sustainable way; to be emotionally aware, receptive, resilient, open, listener, nurturer, relaxed, creative, sensual.

An invitation to slow down and listen, to truly nourish myself, to take care of myself on to spend it in nature, to surround myself with the people I love, to listen to music, to read, to move in ways that I enjoy, to decorate my house, to indulge in body care rituals, to dress up, to set up your table and eat consciously...

An invitation to a balanced lifestyle: taking into account all of us: the Masculine AND the Feminine. 

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As with life, Balance is the Key. It is not about “all or nothing”, it’s not either feminine or masculine,

It’s not either strict diets or junk food, it is nutrition and holistic nourishment,

It is “just do it“ and the “listen to it", it is becoming your own expert. 

My experience with working with women is that we need a more feminine approach to learning how to live with ease and peace, with our body and food.

The feminine way is a practice – it’s about partnering with our body, versus ordering our body around.

We are all different, and our bodies will talk to us in many different energies. If you would like to live more from a feminine energy approach to affect your eating behavior and general well being, let’s talk.



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