I quit arguing with my NOW-Body

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I’ve been helping women in the last years to make changes and nurture a deep loving relationship with themselves and body ,

but in the last few months I faced my own new challenges that every woman at some point will face: Menopause-Coming of age. 

I believe there are specific challenges that women face as they age, our bodies changes and our needs evolve (some bodies are prone to change more than others).

But the truth is that I got stuck in accepting this truth. I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what I feel and I was simply feeling alone in this 

So at the beginning , and because it is a new kind of cliff, I did what an anxious afraid woman will do, I fought . I fought my body :

My body was always so strong and fit , I want that back.

“I had few food sensitivities before, but I don’t understand why my digestion is off”

“I want to fit into this high waist skinny jeans I bought 6 months ago.”

“why me ? why now? 

“I was  holding onto healthy foods that I used to eat, or ways I used to eat, that I  really know are no longer working for you.

Intellectually I knew the answers. I thought I figured my body but Nope another surprise, another cliff .

Speculation about what comes next never ends in a woman’s body. 

Trust me its not a Test. It’s just how transformation works as long as we are alive.

So  instead of beating myself up to get an old version of myself, or beating myself up for not able to hear my new body needs, I asked for support and it resulted in taking a retreat time to listen and rejuvenate.  I took some time off from social media to honor my authenticity and realign.

My retreat was all about re-aligning with myself in a new body. I had lots of Ayurveda body -love, and body-mind (Dosha) balancing

but the major healing that I earned is to stop arguing with nature. Stop arguing with my BODY-NOW.

Nature is calling me to the rescue.

Mother nature is taking care of me. What comes naturally to the body shouldn’t be feared or made a big deal out of it ,it should only be understood, accepted and celebrated.

The wisdom I earned again and again is to forge new bonds with myself and to receive gracefully what I have no control about. 

The wisdom perhaps is to reclaim my power again so I can help other women in similar situations

It  doesn’t mean settling with being unhappy with my body. It doesn’t mean that my body will never change. But it does mean befriending my body AS IT IS. It means respecting and responding to the specific needs of my current- menopause body and from that place, I can make a shift to feel even more dynamic and at ease in my  body.

It  DOES NOT means eating foods just because it’s what I’ve always ate and was healthy for me.

It means exercising in a way that strengthens and enlivens my new body, instead of injuring or depleting my body.

Not arguing with our body-now and accepting where we are to get where we want is like :

What do you feel RIGHT NOW?

What is your body longing for at this time of my life?

What do you  know works for your body? (foods, movement, etc)

What do you know doesn’t work for your body? (foods movement, etc)

What kind of support do you need now?

Working towards being Okay with Now-Body has great benefits.

You’ll feel happier in your own skin, and when you feel more at ease in your own body, caring and nourishing yourself become easier.

This is where I am now, and that’s what I want for you!

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