I want for you more than Weightloss


I want to give you more than just weightloss. 

The desire for weight loss is a desire to feel free, at ease and good with your body, to stand in your own shoes.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight and surely we all want to feel good in our body. However, if we only focus on our weight and weight loss, we are limiting our experience of body peace to a conditional acceptability.

I call this the “when-then “ mindset.

For years, I desperately wanted to belong to the thin society and believed if only my legs were smaller and if I can fit in size 0 or 2 jeans, then all my problems would disappear and happiness would be mine. 

I was dieting all the time and when I reach my "happy weight" my focus continued to search for another weight or another source of happiness. Every time I lost weight, I felt a split second of happiness but that didn’t stick around for long. I went right into worrying about how I would keep the weight off, along with obsessing about everything I put in my mouth, which always ends up not savoring what is on my plate and ends up overeating. You know that vicious cycle, don’t you?

This “when-then” mindset of thinking when we finally lose weight, or “when” finally land on this incredible job, or number of clients, or buy that house “then” happiness would be ours , and we finally reach the happy ever land, is not sustainable. 

When we base our happiness on some future goal, it always prevents us from fully living and leaves us hungrier than ever.

My work is weight inclusive.

This means success and happiness is not determined by the number on the scale, size of my thighs, 4-pack abdomen or depleted calories on my apple watch nikeplus.

I believe that the real deal, the sustainable change is that which gives us a deep shift towards respecting and caring for ourselves better. 

It is not a quick fix championed by [just do it], it is not a power game over and over chronic diets. Success is about partnering with our selves and body, versus ordering ourselves and body around. It is about awakening our inner feminine rebel, to take a step back and find a way to live and eat in a more sustainable way, to be an open, resilient and creative explorer. 

It is about learning how to live from a place of deep body trust and respect, to live and eat with pleasure and not for pleasure to get sustainable long lasting results.

I am not for weight loss or against weight loss.

Some women may lose weight during our work together and some may not. I

I am passionate about you getting radically nourished in the way you deserve.

I am passionate about you feeling at home in your own body.

I am passionate about you living and eating with pleasure and not for pleasure.

I am passionate about you standing in your own shoes and find your alignment.


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