What you need to know about Emotional eating

"When I was overeating, I ate for many reason.

I ate because I was sad, I ate because I was angry, I ate because I was happy.

I ate because I was bored.

I ate Because I was fat. I ate because I was skinny. I ate because I was terrified of being fat again. I ate in reaction to the pressures put on me by the society that had objectified me and reduced me to only a body, without feelings,

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ghada khalifeh
Are you in Control?

The phenomena of "in control” is applauded and considered the “norm” in our society. 

We want to feel in control, feel like we are enough, look perfect and portray ourselves as "having it all together..."

But the truth is, control is an illusion and it keeps you from expanding and feeling true joy in our lives. 

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ghada khalifeh
will you stay ?

Stay with your body.

Stay present.

Stay Here. 

I did not like here. Here was not a place to trust.

Here was not enough. Here was not a place that I thought I can handle with my eyes open;

I believed that my salvation is not here - it is outside my body - and the faster I run away, the higher are my chances to find myself. 

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ghada khalifeh