Radical Nourishment 

I offer coaching AND MENTORING to help you end your obsession with weight and Chronic diets , walk away from quick fixes and get into a healthy mindset so you can feel nourished and confident in your body , nurture sustainable habits and  reclaim the energy and mental space to focus on all other important areas in your life.


This coaching is for you if you : 

  • Have tried many diets , lost weight and gained it back.
  • Find it hard to follow through willpower
  • Feel hopeless about ever being free from your obsession with food
  • Turn to food to numb, cope, or hide your feelings from yourself or others.  
  • Want to live a life free of food cravings.
  • Hold on the weight as an excuse for not living a fuller life.
  • Feel angry or ashamed with yourself because of the size of your body


If you relate to any of these statements:

I am always on a Diet Roller Coaster  Dieter mindset is dominantly occupying my mind , watching what I eat, restricting list of food, counting calories/grams, eating at certain times, trying to “be good” 


Most of my days  I am doing okay until my hands get hold of red velvet cake and suddenly the diet honeymoon is over, and have no idea how to get out of Binge eating.  Your “I hate myself”, I shouldn't be doing this , I have" no willpower",  "I  am a failure " becomes real loud.


I am Obsessed about food, and always thinking about food and my weight.


I hate my body and believe that I would only love me when I lose X kgs  All I want is to be thin and have those thin legs.  I feel you and it is the real reason that you’re obsessed with food,  all the weight loss schemes that don’t address this real underlying issue , have gotten you to where you are now

I Lost trust in myself and body, and don’t believe I will truly lose the weight .



Then, let me take you here:

I’m so busy nourishing myself and delving in pleasure    I discovered so many aspects of myself other than my weight, and I literally forget to eat sometimes.



I feel empowered  in my life , confident standing in my own two shoes.  Really I am done with waiting (weight-ing).    



I get enough of my mushroom risotto , and sense my physical fullness.  I know when to start and stop eating without having to think about it, and it’s easy for me to put the fork down regardless of what’s on my plate. I eat now without  guilt.


I  practice daily acceptance for myself and my body


Bottom line  I don’t really think about  food. I have a lot more time and mental energy to pursue my full potential these days.


If you relate , let me walk with you towards


When you change the relationship with your thoughts,  your relationship with food and body changes.



Our work together will help you:

In this 6 month program, I’ll challenge you to let go of the harmful beliefs you hold about food and your body, and help you replace them with compassionate self-talk and behaviors that promote true holistic health—which includes emotional health and your relationship with food, not just what you eat.


  • Trust your inner body wisdom to know your body's individual needs, including hunger, fullness, satisfaction, when, what and how much to eat.
  • Make peace with your body, and start engaging in physical activity for the joy of movement and vitality
  • Eat without feelings of guilt, deprivation, fear, and the worry of overeating.
  • Take pleasure in eating a variety of foods, and not just safe foods.
  • Cope with your feelings without using food.
  • Learn Self-compassion and claim your worthiness .
  • Return to your natural healthy weight.
  • You'll also get a wealth of tools and worksheets to help you implement our work between sessions.
  • Clear and practical tools and the guidance to put them in action
  • Meditations and mindfulness practices to help you engage with your intuition
  • Breathing Exercise to connect to your body 
  • Handouts/Education materials 
  • Other bonus blogs
  • Strategies to discover which foods work best for your unique body 
  • Unlimited  email support
  • You'll be invited to connect with an amazing community of other people who are on the same journey, so you’ll never feel alone. 



If you are really tired of battling with food, and Chronic Dieting isn’t working for you ,  you may want to bring new perspective and shift your thinking so you could really heal your relationship with food and body  permanently.