Personal Coaching

You’re capable and busy and you know what you “should” do to take care of yourself, but it’s just not happening. Ihelp you to identify and feed your true hungers-and begin to nourish and LIVE A WELL-FED LIFE.



We become restless and indecisive, lack focus and meaningful productivity. We use food to cope with the emptiness and of always feeling hungry. We tend to overthink, obsess, and effort become the name of the game. We are always hungry, and never get enough We crave something else, while seeking satisfaction in all the wrongs places. We have high stress and unhealthy lifestyle. We race against the clock and miss out the richness of life, and have trouble believing in our own worthiness.


We unfold and unravel our true nature. We nourish our body with enough food. We make peace with food and body, and stop using food to cope with not feeling enough. We find meaningful purpose.Our health and Vitality improve. We experience fulfillment and satiation.We become heart -centered and trusting . We flow and glow, play and rest,  create and share. We feel deep pleasure and Joy and take our space in the world and impact the life of others. We claim our worthiness .


This is the Philosophy that defines my coaching.

I believe that our true hungers is our birth right. It is  our vital life energy a primal element that can propel us in life. It is not a one size fits all, it is unique. It resides in the seat /seed of the soul , our heart.  It is not too much or crazy or very wrong . We are all worthy of having our hungers fed. Our true hungers is the compass needle pointing our greatest joy. When we're well-fed, we are able to be more present in our lives,  and live our purpose. When we're well-fed, we become less obsessed by food and consume food for nourishment and not to feed our emotional health. 

If you relate, let me walk with you towards a Pleasure-filled and Well-Fed Life


If this sounds like you 

-You are courageous and purpose-driven

-you are not afraid to make mistakes and fail

-you are ready to work harder than me 

-you are ready to show up at every session fully   engaged

-you embrace the power of mind/body connection

-you are committed to change and not kinda, maybe 

-you are not cynical about feelings 

-you believe in your worthiness

-you want to let go of the constant battle with  yourself, food , and life

-you want to turn off the shaming and belittling inner critic and embrace your human-ness 

-you know that there’s something else missing in your life and you are called to higher state of fulfillment. 

-you long to Treat yourself and your body with more compassion.


You are in the right place, and you are more powerful than you know

Whatever you are craving for, even if you don’t know I can help!



I coach clients THREE times each month for a minimum of 3-6 months (this allows us to really get into the deep good stuff) . Sessions last 60-75  minutes and are conducted easily over the telephone or Skype call and in-person(if in the UAE area). Tele-coaching allows us to work together no matter where you happen to live and saves you the time, stress and money of getting from point A to point B. The coaching program will include:

  • Clear action steps and homework for you to implement and act upon

  • Thought-provoking journal exercises to use throughout the course and after

  • Meditations and Mindfulness practices to help you engage with your intuition

  • Breathing Exercise to connect to your body

  • Weekly email prompts to help you stay on track while keeping you motivated and accountable

  • Access to me by email and whats' app

  • Educational Material

  • Access to Private support Facebook Group.