Tired of fighting life and your body ? I'm here to help. 

Let's Rebel against all forms of oppression and end your obsession with weight and diets _Freeing you to reclaim your life and live by your own rules. 


I am SO done with diets  and want to find PEACE AND freedom with food  

I'm interested in working with Certified Professional Coach 1:1


I am an employer seeking to bring mindful wellness to the workplace.



Ghada is a pool of deep Love and fearless insight"

/  Sandra C. , USA   /


I feel you know me since years. And you know exactly how to talk to me. Very weird and amazing. You understood fast. It’s impressive.
— Davina D. , Lebanon

Our encounter was as comfy as the sofa we sat on, as personal as best friends, as deep as I chose to go, as helpful as a miracle, and as valuable as a grid.

/  Denise S. , Abu Dhabi  /

The sincere messages that were given to many especially the last couple of days helped me despise my hectic life to pause and acknowledge the importance of befriending myself and practicing
— DEEMA-Kuwait

Her excellent listening skills, poised and calm nature, verbal communication, ease of approach coupled with her logical and methodological thinking was instrumental in providing me with clarity and stability.

/ Mirna a., bEIRUT /

Ghada always amazed me with her passion and commitment for being in service of others . Her experience as a Nutrition and Talented Coach, makes her a great coach for both the body and soul.
— Bassem Terkawi, Dubai

Authenticity starts in the heart’ and Ghada naturally brings both. With Fierce courage, she asks the right questions and challenges you when need be, so you could bring your best self and start leading your life from that place! Amazing and wonderful experience of self growth. Thank you Ghada. with gratitude.


She has the precious gift of listening with her heart fully and passionately. she helped me focus and get clarity on what was most important to me . Ghada is a beautiful soul, and I am pleased and honored to work with her on my journey of inner exploration.

This is the best thing I have done for myself, and best program ever come across . It is so worth the investment of time and money, I highly recommend Food and Body Freedom .

/ Melanie,Paris  /