Tired of fighting life and your body ? I coach female entrepreneurs to hustle less and align more with their worth to thrive. Whether it's weight, body image , career or relationships struggle , together we create a road map towards a more authentic and conscious living.


Hello, I am Ghada.

I am here to guide Driven Capable Women towards an authentic conscious life

I believe true strength is heart filled with Love.

vulnerability is welcomed and I hold a safe space for you to hide nothing and hold nothing back.

I love celebrating people as they meet their beauty and reclaim their own unique and creative powers.

I like to work with people who are passionate and dare to change.

I like to work with people who inspires me and contribute to my ongoing growth.

I shake up your loyalty to the old VERSION of yourself, and tell the truth that you don’t hear from your close friends.

I bring my intuition detector to unravel your true nature.

I do not follow one set of rules, my rules are to serve and not to save or please you.

I Believe in freedom and challenging the status quo to never abandon oneself.

The power is in you



You are driven, smart and busy woman and you know what you should do to be your courageous authentic self. You want to feel authentic and real, and experience deep fulfillment but it’s not happening. If you are ready to walk away from the hustle and bustle a.k.a control, force, perfectionism, chronic quick fixes, trading authenticity for approval, then you are in the right place


I offer coaching and mentoring to help you end your obsession with weight and Chronic diets , walk away from quick fixes and get into a healthy loving mindset so you can feel nourished and confident in your body , nurture sustainable habits and reclaim the energy and mental space to focus on all other important areas in your life.


My purpose is to bring  self awareness through short daily questions so you can chew on it or take practical actions to live more consciously and less on auto-pilot . The benefit of self-awareness is significant because it empowers you to be genuine, happy and self-leader.